Tuesday, 18 November 2014

SHAME: Juanita Bynum To Daughter of deceased: Your Mother Sowed The Wrong Type Of Seed!

SHAME: JUANITA BYNUM To Daughter of deceased: "Your Mother Sowed The Wrong Type Of Seed!"

 This is not the first time this year I have had to report of a lack of compassion by Christians in leadership to other Christians who have died. WHAT IS GOING ON? Where has the LOVE gone? It looks like the love of money and greed has taken over some church leaderships.

Pimppreacher.com reported about how Prophetess Juanita Bynum responded disgracefully to the daughter of a lady who died. The deceased gave Juanita Bynum money before she died. This is the daughters post.

 Now here is Bynums response.

 This new shameful outburst credited to Juanita Bynum came through the page of her engineer. As it says that “This is Dr Bynum” one would have to believe this is the case as prophetess Bynum couldn’t possibly lie as she is an ambassador and a Christian.

The name of the person whose page Bynum is alleged to have typed through is called Latre Morris. It is verified that Latre Morris is the CEO of an audio and video production company. It would seem to be that Morris is Bynums audio or video engineer. On further research Latre Morris has a ministry on facebook “Latre’ Morris Ministries.” This is one post from Morris’ ministry page dated Nov 18th 2014.

 Yes Ms Morris! And I quote your words, "WE HAVE MADE the things that are supposed to be deemed sacred not sacred at ALL!!!!"

Now back to Dr Bynum.

 Since when did you need money to gather prayer partners? Where in the Bible does it say people have to pay for a shawl? When are Bynums supporters going to wake up and realize that Juanita Bynum is a false prophetess that needs to retire?

This is not the first outrageous request for money Bynum has asked for. In the book “Juanita Bynum What The Hell” Bynum asked her followers to give her $200,000 so she could buy a threshing floor. WHAT? This is ridiculous. Bynum boasted how she paid $5000 for an ink pen and talks about which pen she would use to sign her multi-million dollar deals. How is she still in ministry? It's time for her to retire.

The manipulators in the church are crumbling. They are desperate for money. Whether your loved one has recently died or not, the corrupt leaders show no compassion. God bless the pastors who are doing good. 

You will see more signs to come that the walls of the prosperity gospel age is coming to its end.

Read the documented facts about why Bynum must quit now in “Juanita Bynum What the Hell.” Available on Amazon.


Kim Smith said...

shame shame shame!!!!

Kim Smith said...

We see how God took the anointing from Saul and gave it to David....we see a lot of this nowadays, or were we simply being fooled by satan to begin with...but the God I know wouldn't allow something soooo foul to spew out of his mouth....this is a manifestation of a Jezebel spirit to begin with...an infection going on all over the body of Christ, where women are first of all pastors....what bible are they reading? and secondly this cold? This kind of non compassion??? Is this even feminine? Come on...her supporters sound just as wicked....I really hope she hasn't blasphemed God, but I pray God sit her down somewhere and take all her money, and put her back in a position of humility, and maybe then she'll know not to be buying $5000 ink pens!!

PZ Williamson said...

Right, wrong or indifferent, the Bible tells us to pray one for another, considering ourselves. But for the grace of God go I.
David never touched Saul in word or deed, even after the anointing was lifted. He said who dare touch God's anointed. And David, King David killed the messager who brought the news of King Saul death. Prayer For Dr, Bynum and all leaders in the gospel. Leave any punishment and judgement to God