Tuesday, 2 December 2014

Finland 13,000 Members Resign Lutheran Church Over Same-Sex Marriage

Helsinki Times, a newspaper based in Finland has reported that thousands resigned from the church over same sex marriage.

"A mass exodus from the Evangelical Lutheran Church of Finland continued on Sunday, with the number of people leaving the church surpassing the previous records from Friday and Saturday.
Eroakirkosta.fi, an online resignation portal, reported that 5,100 people had resigned from the church by 10.20pm on Sunday, equivalent to the number of resignations registered on Saturday and nearly double that registered on Friday.
The Evangelical Lutheran Church of Finland has thereby lost roughly 13,000 members after the Parliament on Friday voted 105—92 in favour of granting marriage rights to same-sex couples."
I encourage you to keep your faith in God. The Bible predicted that this would take place. There is a falling away from the truth. Some modern church leaders want to teach against Gods word just to suit themselves so they can do what they want.
You can still be strong with God when you are in your own home. The early church was meeting in their own homes. That is when great miracles can really happen!
If you desire to keep your faith in God, read "I Left Church To Find God." It has helped other believers who also have had to leave the church because the true gospel is not being preached there any more.
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