Saturday, 10 January 2015

DREAM: German Army: January 10th 2015

I had a dream on 10th January  2015. 

---The German army was going through houses. I knew they were German because Hitler was in the dream too. He marched in a bedroom with a few soldiers. I was hiding under a bed but raised up off the ground in the underside of the bed; and other people were hiding in the room also. There was a strong presence as if war was happening in the world. 

The soldiers could not find me or the other people who were hiding in the room. Then the German army left. I could sense that they would be back at some stage. That’s all I can remember.---

Years ago, I had a dream of Nazi soldiers marching in a church and taking over the church. It was as if the pastors were working with the Nazi’s. You can read the whole account in the book “I Left Church To Find God” in chapter 7.

Come to think of it, Germany has been quite quiet in the news for some time. The focus has mainly been on Russia, North Korea and the activities involving ISIS. We will have to wait and see if Germany make an announcement for something soon.

I Left Church To Find God” is available on Amazon.

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