Monday, 9 February 2015

What?? Juanita Bynum defended by “Muslim”?

What?? Juanita Bynum defended by “Muslim”?

A man using the Qu’ran comes to the defense of Juanita Bynum and accuses me saying that I am “ready to kill.”

These are the comments made between the "Muslim?" and Superfire 702.

“I shall tell you where you do lie in fault, not in what you say does your fault lie, but in the way that you say it, for it shows that you are ready to kill in order to separate good from evil, and nowhere in the Qu'ran, not even did the Prophet Muhammad say that this would be done by the hands of man, but it is written that vengeance does belong to him who among us was and is Lord, for even in the Qu'ran, is it written who vengeance belongs to, and it does not say it belongs to man”

"Muhammad? Qu'ran? When you have people using the Qu'ran defending Juanita Bynum, you know Christianity is in trouble." 

“​​ you need to go visit my page, for I have told you all in the father's house, there is only the righteous, none called by any other name, and it is you who are lost, not me, and yes Muhammad, and also the Juanita you see now, is not the same one from earlier last year, she is changing, I know this, for she now speaks, and it shows that her understanding is greater, and it is because she is now being guided as most in the world of religion, are starting to do stray away from religion, and move closer to the word, so that it emanates from us, and becomes the living word, so it is my advice to you that you search inside yourself and finish cleaning out all the things that you find that is not of love, and evidently you still have some issues”

"So what are you actually saying? Juanita Bynum got it WRONG ALL THIS TIME AND SHE NOW HAS FOUND THE TRUTH??? Then all these years that have passed, she MISLED thousands, if not MILLIONS of people? Then she is a FALSE PROPHET and should never have been listened to in the first place. That is what you are saying? This proves that GOD NEVER CALLED HER IN THE FIRST PLACE! "


Well there you have it. The "Muslim" wrote 

for it shows that you are ready to kill in order to separate good from evil…” 

I have NEVER KILLED ANYBODY. But yet the book he mentions, the Quran, others who read out of this book TODAY are beheading and killing Christians and non Christians in the Middle East! What ridiculous double standards! And he points out and says, 

"and it is you who are lost, not me." 

I never said he was lost. I didn't even talk about him. I talked about Bynum and Christianity. I personally have no problems with him. I don't even know nothing about him or how he lives.

From one of my past posts about Bynum, one of her fans tried to put a witchcraft curse on me, my equipment, my family and something else that I cannot remember now. Not one curse sent to me by a Bynum follower will work but return to the sender to happen in their own life. I don't send curses. You send them on yourself if you thought you sent them to me. They don't work on me but will return on you without coming anywhere near me.

It makes one question what kind of followers is Juanita Bynum drawing to herself?

Matthew 24: 11,12
11 And many false prophets shall rise, and shall deceive many.
12 And because iniquity shall abound, the love of many shall wax cold.

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