Friday, 29 May 2015

Charlie Charlie Challenge - The Curse - GET OUT MY HOUSE!!!

So far, I have only heard Christians say that the Charlie Challenge is demonic. At present, I have not heard or seen a Christian providing a solution.

Here is a solution.

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If you are unable to hear the video these are the words in the video.


Charlie Charlie Challenge - The Curse - GET OUT MY HOUSE!!!

How to stop the demons from terrorizing your home.

When you played the Charlie Challenge and it worked, you gave permission for a demon to come into your home.

After you finished the challenge where do you think the demon went?

That demon is likely to still be in your town and has the opportunity to come back into your house.

You should never summon up a demon without knowing how to make it leave.

How can you send the demons out of your home?

If you have NEVER taken the Charlie Challenge and believe in Jesus Christ, you can protect your home by putting this picture called NOT WELCOME HERE on a wall in your house. 

If you have taken the Charlie Challenge and strange things happened in your house, you will need the CURSE BREAKER picture for you, and the NOT WELCOME HERE picture for your home.

Demon spirits are on the increase in our world because people are invoking them through things like the Charlie Challenge. Demon spirits are also coming through certain music as well.

I was contacted by a person who has the NOT WELCOME HERE picture in their home. They said power comes from the picture.

I have personally witnessed a demon possessed person. When they saw me, they were terrified and stepped out into the road and got hit by a car. Then the person got up and went away quickly.

The demons know who they cannot win against.

Remove the demons out of your house.

Here is the links to the picture mentioned in the video.

Get the demons out of your house.

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