Friday, 1 May 2015



In August 2014 I felt in me to make a video. I listened to the voice within EVEN THOUGH I HAD NO PROOF of what was going to come afterwards.

21st August 2014 was the end of a 7 year deadline. Now NINE MONTHS LATER we have all seen the significant change to the world (CERN, Yemen, Russia, Ukraine, war, earthquakes, floods, volcanic eruptions etc) and now riots and Jade Helm in the USA.

How many times have you been in a church and prophets and prophetesses have prophesied and you NEVER saw ANY prophecies come to past? Yet in this video a prophecy about America was made. In NINE MONTHS (the time it takes a child to form in the womb) since the prophecy, the military presence around the USA has increased so much that even some Christians are now scared.

The Juanita Bynum prophecy deadline can be clearly seen as becoming fulfilled!

Don’t believe that I am bashing America or Americans. I am not. The persecution of believers is going to be worldwide. I just listened and obeyed and made the video as I felt led to. You and I had NO CLUE that the USA would have such a military presence in NINE MONTHS.

The book that is mentioned in the video will bring strength back into believers. You will see where the church has gone wrong and how YOU and those around you can be restored and be SAVED. Whenever there is a time of trouble in the Bible, there is always restoration at a certain time.

See video.


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