Monday, 29 June 2015



Today 29th June 2015 I had another vision while I was awake. If you remembered my last vision, you will know that I saw God on his throne and he was like a giant as big as a multi storey building. I walked through him into a place. I said the road looked like bricks.

Today, I had another vision while awake. I said, “Ok God I made it this far, now what?” Then I was walking in the spirit world and it came to me that what I saw in the previous vision was similar to the picture at this link! 

As I continued walking in the spirit, inside the place of God, I looked ahead. I could see the horizon of a bright city in the distance. In the spirit, I started to run towards the city. As I got closer, I sensed about 5 beings or souls. They were jumping around excited and happy that I made it. I started jumping too. It felt like I just won the NBA or the World Cup. 

As I and the 5 other souls were excited, I wondered, why are there only 5? Then it was put in my spirit that these 5 souls and I made it to the kingdom of God. I stopped jumping but the 5 continued jumping and was so excited. I tried to continue to be excited but I said, “Surely, it cannot be just us 6 who made it?” Then it was put in my spirit that, “Yes, only six of you made it to the kingdom of God.” Great sadness fell on me. I did not feel like being excited any more. The other 5 carried on jumping and were “over the moon” with joy.

I kept on saying, “Surely not. Surely more people made it to the kingdom?” Then it was made known to me that only few find it. I said what happened to the rest of the Christians? I then sensed the words, “It was too much for some of them to continue to the kingdom so some committed suicide. Some people don’t get to come close to the kingdom because they are stuck in their ways and cannot progress.”

Again, sadness fell on me, but the other 5 kept on dancing and were so happy. To be honest, I felt like crying with sadness than jumping for joy.

What was then spoken into my spirit was, “I will bless those that bless you, and curse those that curse you.”

Genesis 12:3
And I will bless them that bless thee, and curse him that curseth thee:.. 

I should feel better right? No. I feel very sad. I can’t believe so few people made it.

Matthew 7:14 (GNT)

14 But the gate to life is narrow and the way that leads to it is hard, and there are few people who find it.

How many made it alive out of Sodom and Gomorrah? Only 4 people, then that was reduced to 3.

Out of all the people in the world, how many people made it into the ark while the rest of the world died? Only 8 people. 

The 5 are still rejoicing. Maybe the shock of realizing that few make it will leave me soon so I can rejoice with the others again.


If you want to find out how I made it to this point in my life, if I told you all of it you would not believe me as most of it is too hard to accept.

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Sunday, 28 June 2015

Within Seconds - Puerto Rico - USA Financial Crisis

Within Seconds - Puerto Rico - USA Financial Crisis

Within seconds of my last post “CHRISTIAN MILLIONAIRES! - LOOK WHAT’S HAPPENING!!!” I just saw an email from the New York Times with the headline Puerto Rico’s Governor Says Island’s Debts Are ‘Not Payable. "

New York Times goes on to say, Some officials and advisers say Congress needs to go further and permit Puerto Rico’s central government to file for bankruptcy — or risk chaos.

Is Puerto Rico the USA’s version of Greece’s problem in the European Union? So there are TWO financial hotspots going on at the same time. Both cannot pay debts.

Wealthy Christians, this may well be another heads up for you.

Click on link to see the post I wrote just minutes before I saw this article.


This is the link to The New York Time article.



I posted just ONE MONTH ago in May 2015 about the financial situation facing Christian millionaires.

From 29th June 2015, Greece is NOT opening their banks for at least 7 DAYS!

Since Greece has had financial problems in recent years, suicide has jumped to 45%.


If this is the beginning of a worldwide financial crash wealthy Christians are going to lose thousands if not millions of dollars.

From financial sources online I found out that US bank accounts are insured for up to $250,000 and UK bank accounts up to £85,000 per person.

With what is happening now, there needs to be something that can keep Christians and potential new believer’s, minds at ease.

If you are a wealthy Christian who has over $250,000 or over £85,000 - or you are a church leader - I suggest that you order copies of the book Revealed At Last  as an investment for when the crash happens to either give away or resell. Knowledge is what is going to be needed in these times.


Revealed At Last is a book that came into existence by a miracle. The subjects are for this time in history.

Inside you will find chapters on a prophecy about the lesbian and gay sexual activities in the church (which is happening today) and the shocking outcome; how to develop yourself, understanding Christ in a way you could not have imagined; how to deal with contemplating suicide and other great subjects that will speak to your soul.

Revealed At Last has been read by Influential people.  

Pastor David Lankford said, “"Very different approach and writing.  ...keep sharing the gospel.”

On behalf of the Archbishop of Canterbury his Chaplain said, “I am pleased that you have responded so positively with this book."

Former British Conservative Party Politician Ann Widdecombe commented, "It was an interesting read."

A financial change is happening right now.

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To read the post, “24 HOUR PROPHECY FULFILLED!!! $19 BILLION WIPED OUT!!!”  I wrote in May 2015 go to this link.


See video about the financial crisis.

Friday, 19 June 2015

Is your PHONE actually destroying your life?

Are you losing yourself? If you are constantly dependant on your smart phone, you may well have lost parts of your inner being. The majority of your time you are looking down at your phone instead of looking inside your own self for your happiness.

"Revealed At Last" has the ability to make you feel at peace again and also make you feel much better about you. 

This book has been enjoyed by a 12 year old girl and also a pensioner over 80. A 17 year old boy who is always playing games on his phone stopped to read "Revealed At Last." He said that he never reads books but finished it within TWO DAYS!!!

Find yourself again.

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Monday, 8 June 2015



Don't worry about feeling that you are not reaching millions of people. If you reach one person, that could have been your mission from God to do. That one person you reached could be the head of a business or organization that employs a thousand or a million people. He or she could then share their belief in Jesus Christ with his or her employees and ten thousand people believe, just because you fulfilled your purpose from God to reach that one person.

There are some Christians who rudely belittle others for not creating a “ministry” on social media or in their town to reach people, not knowing they are making their followers into twice the child of hell as they are. They have zeal with no knowledge. They are just interested in large numbers but teach no truth or weak watered down words to keep everyone happy. Then they persecute those who are doing their part by reaching one or two people.

Jesus will reward you for what he gave you to do, not what you want to do. If Jesus said, "Paint that front room for that old lady," but you decided that your service would be better used by creating her a fantastic looking garden (without praying and asking first), do you think Jesus would be pleased with you even if the garden looked great? What if Jesus had a different person already lined up to create the old lady the garden and they were to be rewarded for doing it?

Obedience is what God requires. You will be rewarded for doing what was asked of you. How can you get your reward for not doing what you were told to do, even if what you did looked beautiful? There is no reward for you there.

Revelation 22:12
12 And, behold, I come quickly; and my reward is with me, to give every man according as his work shall be.


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Saturday, 6 June 2015


Rape and Murder on its way!

As in the days of Lot.

There has been a powerful shift in the world. CERN is powered to its highest level ever. Jade Helm and military movement around the world is happening right now. Earthquakes and volcanic eruptions are happening. Rape and murder is taking place by ISIS and others around the world. The gay and lesbian agenda has spread, as in the days of Lot.

It is not all doom and gloom but the truth must be told. Yes miracles are going to happen. Yes, people will be delivered out of bad situations.

But now reality must be made clear to you. In Iraq and Syria and other countries, beheadings and murders have happened. They took the girls and raped them and used them as sex slaves. Some were as young as 10 years old. That was the Middle East. Now it may come to a town near you!

Some Christians are so adamant to sticking to “turning the other cheek.” Well what happens when a soldier or ISIS member takes your daughter or wife and rapes them? What if these soldiers come to kill the males in your family? Are you going to turn the other cheek?

It’s time to wake up! Its coming! Learn from what happened when ISIS warned the Yazidis and the Christians in Iraq. The Christians and the Yazidis ran. Then many got killed. Then they realized that they had to stand and fight back.

As in the days of Lot. Be careful when you try and defend homosexuals. Some really hate you. As for the men, be very aware of certain gay men. They may group up to gang rape you as in the days of Lot.

Genesis 19
4 Before they had gone to bed, all the young and old male citizens of Sodom surrounded the house. 5 They called to Lot, “Where are the men who came to stay with you tonight? Bring them out to us so that we can have sex with them.”
6 Then Lot went outside and shut the door behind him. 7 “Please, my friends, don’t be so wicked,” he said.
9 But the men yelled, “Get out of the way! This man came here to stay awhile. Now he wants to be our judge! We’re going to treat you worse than those men.” They pushed hard against Lot and lunged forward to break down the door.

Many Christians just want to fight each other over doctrine not knowing what is coming to their doorstep.

If your wife or daughter was going to get raped, would you want me to step in and help protect them? How about if you or your son was going to get raped by men? Would you not want me to step in and help you escape?

WAKE UP WAKE UP WAKE UP! We are here now. God was with Abraham, David and Moses. They fought against wicked men.

Jesus told his disciples:


Luke 22:36 (GW)

Then he said to them, “But now, the person who has a wallet and a travelling bag should take them along. The person who doesn’t have a sword should sell his coat and buy one.

Ask God to be with you to to give you the strength to escape what is to come AND to give you the victory to protect yourself and those around you. It’s coming!

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Proof something is about to happen in the USA that will affect the world!