Friday, 25 September 2015

Ariana Grande and the Pope. Coincidence?

Ariana Grande and the Pope. Coincidence?

Just a thought.

I felt to watch Ariana Grande's video again about the meteor hitting earth. 

As I watched it this time some things stood out.

1. I have just finished listening to a video on youtube where there was a tsunami warning on the radio in Massachusetts. That video was posted today. Then an apology was given on the radio that said it was only an internal test and it should not have gone out.

1+ In Ariana Grande's video there is a comet warning saying, "This is not a test".

2. Recently, I shared a post and a video about power outages. In the youtubers video, he said he was unable to make calls but other functions worked. (This is that post CLICK HERE )

2+ In Ariana Grande's video there are electrical disturbances as the meteor is coming and the reporter says the, "Electrical disturbances will be catastrophic."

3. When the Pope arrived at the White House yesterday he pulled up in a Fiat.

3+ In Ariana Grande's video, the car she is in is a Fiat. It looks like the same colour and possibly the same model as the Popes (a complete guess from the glimpse of the front of the car in the video). Wouldn't an international pop star be driving in a Porsche, BMW, Ferrari etc and not a Fiat?? In the video she purposely pushes the camera away to focus at the steering wheel so you can see the Fiat logo. Even though it was a quick shot you can see it clearly.

Like I said this is just a thought. These 3 points just caught my attention. Maybe it means something. Maybe it means nothing. Maybe they are signs? 

See the video. Her video has been watched an incredible 152,899,537  times.

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