Saturday, 12 September 2015

Terminator 3 - Biblical and world events are about to happen?

Terminator 3 - Biblical and world events are about to happen?

For some reason I felt in my spirit to watch Terminator 3 again as I have it on DVD. As I watched it again I picked up things I didn't remember last time. 

They mention a Particle Collider. (There are other Particle Colliders around the world not just the one in Switzerland). This one was in the USA. The military man mentions that they opened Pandora's Box. It seems like these Particle Colliders bring in the Terminators i.e. the fallen angels who are going to kill certain humans when they arrive. I think a lot of them are already here but they have to wait on a specific date, as the colliders have been online for some time.


In the film an internet virus affected all computers in homes and government computers. If I rightly remember, it affected personal bank accounts too (possible reference to a banking collapse or a bigger stock market crash caused by a computer glitch or virus).

A nuclear war was triggered by the computer virus.

Don't forget that recently, Obama done a nuclear deal with Iran. What timing!

The female terminator could transform into looking like different people. (Sounds like the bible verse that mentions Satan being able to transform into whatever he wanted to even an angel of light.)
The time that the nuclear war was going to start in the movie was at 6:18.



As I am typing, I have the TV on Channel 5. I hardly ever watch this channel at all. They just advertised, "The End Of The World Weekend." It starts next week when they will be showing a weekend of movies about the end of the world starting with “Left Behind” on 19th September.

What a time to have it! 3 days before the Pope arrives in the USA.

Whenever it is going to be, it looks like we are headed for nuclear bombs to go off around the world if these pre-warning movies are to be taken seriously.

I just found this clip from the movie. It mentions what was affected, "The internet, power plants, air traffic." If you are up to speed on what is happening in these times, you will pick up more from this clip. Also it mentions "Early warning in Alaska is down." Who was just in Alaska? Obama. Where were 5 Chinese warships recently? Near Alaska. See video link.

WOW Another UPDATE within an hour!!!

I never watch the Challenge Channel. I happened to stop it there as I got distracted as I was flicking through the channels. I just saw on that channel an advertisement for SKY TV. What I saw was a meteor flying through the sky and people were below it oblivious to it passing by slowly. Then the words came on the screen something like, “The end of the world. Bring it on. You, me and the apocalypse.”

What’s going on? 2 COMPLETELY DIFFERENT channels promoting the SAME THING on the same night?

Its either propaganda or real. We will have to wait and see.

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