Wednesday, 30 September 2015

US and Russia Both Attacking in Syria - The Official WW3 Imminent?

The Official Start to WW3 Imminent?

30th September 2015. The US and Russia are now both attacking places in Syria. This could get serious if either country kills the other’s soldiers with "friendly fire."

The chances of the US and Russia being at war by the end of the year has just risen greatly. I highly doubt ISIS are where they are attacking. ISIS knew they were coming so they are probably strolling around with the refugees in Europe or other countries who took refugees in.

What is interesting in this video is that the lady has a slip of the tongue at 3.00. she accidentally says “Sukkot” and then corrects herself. Sukkot began on the day of the Blood Moon (27th Sept EDT) and ends on the 4th October 2015. Does she know something is going to happen on or after the 4th October? Or was this an innocent slip of the tongue?

Either way, the situation between the US and Russia could become very dangerous.

Its probably a good time to stock up for a few days worth of canned food and water just in case it escalates and affects other countries around the world.

"Russia orders U.S. planes out of Syria as they Begin Air Operations"

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