Monday, 26 October 2015

Elvis Replaces Jesus Christ in Church

I am blown away with this unintentional “prophecy.” On the 14th October 2015 I posted a picture that had the words, “Jesus Christ Has Left The Building.”

On Sunday 25th October 2015, just 11 DAYS LATER, I went to an ATM machine near where I live. Across the road is a church. As I was at the ATM machine I heard loud music coming from the church. This surprised me because that church is not known for making any noise as it is one of those quiet Methodist churches. 

It was about 8:30 pm. The sound from the church made me curious so much that I had to cross the road and take a look inside from the window. I was stunned to see “Elvis” in all his shiny garments standing with his rock band up on the rostrum. There was a small but colourful special effects light show for the congregation, which seemed to be at full capacity from what I could see.

A day later, I wondered and wanted to find out where did that phrase come from? So I googled, “Elvis has left the building,” and sure enough it was a line that is associated with Elvis.

So I was right and my words were fulfilled again in less than 2 weeks. Jesus Christ has certainly left the building and Elvis has walked right on in.


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