Tuesday, 27 October 2015

Homewrecker from the NTCG - New Testament Church of God Aldershot

As of October 2015, the homewrecker mentioned in the video, STILL lives in the home of the family she is not a member of and STILL is a member of the New Testament Church of God in Aldershot and is STILL singing in the church choir. 

And STILL church people and outsiders are disgusted by the homewreckers behaviour, but the church leader in Aldershot and at the head office in Northampton STILL will not tell the homewrecker to either leave the home or leave the church; and she should in no way be in the church choir. It's looking like the NTCG have no common sense, no morals and no backbone.

Some of the children who grew up in the family home which the homewrecker still lives at have asked the homewrecker on numerous occasions to leave the home as she is not a member of their family. This woman is very stubborn and has been rude to more than one of the children and will not leave.

This woman is a member of the New Testament Church of God in Aldershot. The situation has been brought to the attention of Bishop Malcolm Cummins of Aldershot NTCG and Bishop Donald Bolt who is the National Overseer of the New Testament Church of God England & Wales.

If these leaders cannot get such a simple situation sorted out, then they should in no way try to invite unsaved people to their churches while they themselves cannot do what is right.

If you wish to speak to the Bishop of the church in Aldershot call: +44(0)1252 316212

If you wish to speak to the National Overseer call: +44(0)1604 824222

MARCH 2017 UPDATE The Chairman of the Church of God USA ADMITS the church system is FAULTY! This is what I was trying to show you 3 years earlier. Watch the video at this link. Click on this link


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