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UPDATE: Corrupt NTCG - Church Law Campaign website gets FROZEN

The website that brought to the attention of the failings of church leaders has been frozen. 

The Church Law Campaign 
website http://churchlawcampaign.webs.com has been live for many years but for an unknown reason this free website has been frozen in 2015.

Below is one of the articles from Church Law Campaign's website. 

The article was at this link but is now unavailable.



Posted on September 15, 2009 at 3:38 PM

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Photo: Known Liar & Corrupt Pastor Malcolm Cummins Promoted to Pastor Aldershot & to the National Executive Council despite a case of unbecoming behaviour and that he lacks sound judgement

I have just discovered from the New Testament Church of God's national website directory that the corrupt assistant pastor of Lee, Rev. Malcolm Cummins has been promoted to pastor the Aldershot church following the post being vacated by Donald Bolt who now acts as the National Secretary. It also means that corrupt Cummins will take Bolt's place on the already corrupt National Executive Council. He will join on the National Executive newly appointed corrupt pastor of Lee Bishop McLeod and other corrupt members named in this blog.

What on earth is going on. It is evident that whenever time there are wrong doings by ministers of NTCG these ministers are being shielded by the corrupt leadership by being promoted and moved to a different district.

 There is currently a witness summons being sort in Court for Cummins the liar and other NTCG ministers to appear before the Court as witness in an ongoing case where evidence had shown that they lied. The evidence shows that the ministers involved are guilty of unbecoming behaviour, negligence, breach of confidence and privacy.

All documentary evidence had proved that Cummins lacks accountability under former corrupt leader Bishop Simpson, that Cummins is a liar who suppressed complains of which he has personal interest, illegitimately disqualified people from fellowship who refused to submit to his abuse of power and that he acted outside the rules and policies set out in the Minutes of the Church of God.

Cummins was also present at a Court hearing on 26th March 2009 to see through a dishonest plot he orchestrated, although he had no witness statement and was not being sued.

I personally recalled Bishop Simpson stating in church that he had asked the "national office to take care of Malcolm as he supported him for years as his assistant and always phone to see if he was ok during his cancer treatments". I never thought for one minute that the request for protection would go this far. Quite frankly, Larry Hess, the European Field Director of the Church of God Oversees Mission, need to act fast and removed Cummins and others, including national Bishop Eric Brown. I am now alerting the international executive to this recent development. I fear that the assistant pastorate of Lee is now taken over by Rev. Sharon Miller or another corrupt minister. With allegations of tape recordings of Eric Brown and other National Executive members of NTCG proofing corruption, it is about time the Overseas Mission and International Executive of the Church of God takes action fast if they have any backbone at all.

From:     http://churchlawcampaign.webs.com/apps/blog/show/1751728-corrupt-pastor-malcolm-cummins-promoted-to-aldershot-ntcg


MARCH 2017 UPDATE The Chairman of the Church of God USA ADMITS the church system is FAULTY! This is what I was trying to show you 3 years earlier. Watch the video at this link. Click on this link


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