Saturday, 14 November 2015

Attack in France on Friday 13th - Something doesn’t make sense

RIP to all those who died in the terror attack in France on Friday 13th November 2015. I hope their surviving relatives find comfort somehow at this time.

Something doesn't make sense to me. 

France and Germany where playing a football (soccer) game that same night. The President of France was in the stadium watching the match. When the bombs went off during the game I heard a report that the President of France was moved out of the stadium for his safety.

What doesn't make sense to me is within a few hours, the French President went to the location where the terrible attack took place. How is that possible? If the President could be on the ground RIGHT WHERE IT ALL HAPPENED then that means there is no more terrorist threat in the area as he would not be put in a place of danger.

Was the area taped off and searched for more explosive devices prior to the French President showing up? Unless you are 100% sure the area is no longer a threat, the President would not be there. How comes they were this confident that no other explosive devices or gunmen were there?

Also, not long after the incident took place the news sources were saying no terrorist group has taken responsibility for the attack, yet reports say the President was blaming ISIS. How strange? ISIS usually says that they did something, but they did not claim they did it (as of the time I am writing this post).

It seems like we could be heading for an interesting few weeks or maybe days. 

With the way this attack has been reported, it looks like there could possibly be more similar incidents about to take place. 

Please pay attention, if this happens again, to the speed of the response from the President or Prime Minister of a country who visits the EXACT location of where an attack has taken place.

Again I stress that it makes no sense that the President would be at the location so quickly after such a deadly incident. He could have made his report at a TV studio or somewhere in a safe place away from the scene.

The Washington Post reported:

"Coincidentally, Obama had spoken with French President François Hollande by phone BEFORE the attacks Friday to discuss the summit’s agenda." 

Coincidentally, the G20 Leader's Summit is to be held on November 15-16. On the agenda is fighting terrorism. That is just 2 days after the terrorist attack in France. 

How convenient.

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