Wednesday, 4 November 2015

The Movie, The British Government and COBRA. Coincidence?

I was surprised today 4th November 2015 as I heard Sky News mention that the British Prime Minister was at a COBRA meeting today.

(CLICK HERE to find out what a COBRA meeting is)

The reason why it surprised me is because on the 3rd November 2015, I watched the movie GI JOE Retaliation. As many people are now aware, some movies tell us what is really happening behind the scenes. Not all movies are clear, and I am sure some movies are for propaganda purposes.

What caught my attention is that David Cameron was at a COBRA meeting today, and in the movie a group who infiltrated the US Government and replaced the President set up a new special forces unit called COBRA.

Another point that caught my attention is that in the movie London in the UK was bombed in a way that destroyed a large part of the capital.

You can hear in this trailer COBRA mentioned at 0:52 and you can see London getting obliterated by a bomb at 1:45.

How much of this is fiction and how much is an insight to what is to come? We will have to see.

It does make me wonder why the BBC moved out of London within the last few years and moved up north to Salford.

While the media focuses on other regions around the world, London may be in for another shock bombing or catastrophe (meteor?) if these are preparation signals from the movies.

And if you thought that the GI JOE video is just a movie, a new Global Police Force was created just over a month ago which includes London as being part of it.

See this video

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