Tuesday, 18 October 2016

Juanita Bynum Failed SHOFAR Blow - Plus Message To Prostitutes

---[Below is the Video about Juanita Bynum]---

First a message to prostitutes, drug dealers, drug takers, money launders, sinners, thieves, working girls, dancers and people who beat themselves up over mistakes they made. All who feel unworthy to get to heaven, you are welcome.

 This also reaches to witches, Satanists, atheists and all who want to get out of the occult; and those who have been abused, neglected, alone, poor, rich or cannot see any light to come your way.

You are all welcome.

 I, like most of you, have no idea what modern day Christianity is. It looks completely different from what is written about in the Bible. My experience with some Christians has made me wonder what crazy religion is this? There is no love but dirty looks and “I am better than you because I go to church” attitudes.

 I made it my duty to prove that God did not exist because of what I saw of the behaviour of the Christians I encountered. What actually happened was, the things I confronted about the Bible came true. One was when a demon possessed man ran from me even though I never had a conversation with him. It was an odd experience as I was being told what was happening by the spirit.

I understand what Jesus Christ is about but I don't understand the behaviour of the Christians I have encountered or their version of Christianity.

So if you are at a place where you want change in your life or you have lost all hope, I suggest you don’t give up. Read the solutions and experiences that were revealed to me. It’s up to you.

This will be the last Bible related book you will ever need to read.

 Hopefully after you read it, you will realise that even you can make it to heaven. Jesus did not come to this planet for the "goody goody" people. He came for those who needed help.

 Revealed At Last is available on amazon. Click here for the book.

 You don’t have to get the book, (just say “Jesus Christ the son of God, help me and teach me, I believe in you”) but if you are looking for answers, the book may be just what you needed for where you are at right now. It could get you to bettering your life faster than you believed it could be possible.

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2016 Juanita Bynum Failed SHOFAR Blow

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