Monday, 14 November 2016

SHOCKING Video: For Juanita Bynum Fans Who Insult Me

 When telling the truth to some Christians it seems to release an out-of-control demon. Recently I have had countless attacks from fans of Juanita Bynum.

This video is to bring awareness of Christian leaders who have manipulated people into things that have nothing to do with living in peace and fairness. Also it brings light to a prophecy by Juanita Bynum.

There is strong language in this video and acts of violence. Christians cannot keep acting like everything is right with the world while living oblivious to changes that could be happening in your own town.

With this shake up that is happening in Christianity, it does not all end badly. The good will realise who they are and separate themselves from the bad.

Wisdom has been prepared for this time to remove the false teachings and be purified with the truth.
You can learn from the book that is at the website and then teach others what you have learned.

Today you have become the new leader.

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