Friday, 9 December 2016

Is it that time for you? I LEFT CHURCH TO FIND GOD

The church I used to go to and those I visited strayed so far from the truth just to please people and get money from those who attended. I found the real truth about God when I left church. 

This book has helped those looking for truth.

The first chapter is called "Is God A Liar?" This book will make you have to challenge your belief in God and why you believe. Even though this book is pro God, you still have to challenge why you believe and if what you believe is really correct or did someone mislead you at some point.

I was listening to a video of a lady that went to hell. She said there are many women in hell, and even Christian women, because they have the spirit of Jezebel in them. Even though souls were saved through them and they helped the poor etc they still went there.

Modern day Christianity is so out of balance that the Juanita Bynum, Beyonce type women are so far from the way of God that they are preparing women to burn in hell.

I Left Church To Find God may be the last chance for some of these women to wake up before they end up in torment.

This book is for men and women.

Order your copy and start the New Year with knowing the real good news. 

"I Left Church To Find God" is available on Amazon Click here

Once you have read it, you can then teach others the truth. 

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